yCxdWHmjI Am Michael Rockwell; I am a 20 year plus professional of the food and beverage industry. This translates into I spent over 20 plus years waiting   tables and bar tending. Some know me online as “mlrockwell” I began working online in 1994 and have had many successes and even more failures. If there is any 1 lesson that I could share with you it would be. The secret to success is “There is no Secret”


Welcome to my site

The “SECRET” to success online is simple; taking action, hard work, time, effort, persistence and following some very simple plans, then you also can have a successful online business. Anyone who is telling you different is not being truthful, and is trying to get you to spend money on their product. Here at mlrockwell.com we are going to uncover these secrets which can empower you to a life of true freedom.

We are going to reveal the techniques on creating and sustaining a true online business, were going to explore the tools, tips and strategies the large online marketing players use. We’re going to dive into, copy writing, article marketing,blogging, video marketing, social media and more.

What makes us different?

It is true a picture is worth a thousand words. I am a very “visual” person, often when I read text I understand what I read, but then find it difficult to implement. I have found that by using, Pictures, Video’s, Symbols, and Mind Maps, it becomes much easier to create the action steps necessary to implement the strategies I have learned.Here at mlrockwell.com all our training will be accompanied with Pictures,  Videos, Action Maps and Process Step Check List’s to help you understand the material and implement the strategies quickly and easily.


My Mission

My passion, my mission, my goal is simple, to help as many people as I can reach a place of true freedom in their lives. I believe I can truly help you achieve freedom through internet marketing.

It has not always been easy

I have been studying Internet Marketing Since the holiday season of 94, I have had many ups and downs, I have made many bright discovery’s only to leave them behind in what I call “Analysis Paralysis” also known as information overload. I have purchased thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of the Big GURU’S marketing packages, only to leave them collecting dust on my hard drive and book shelf. These products were designed to make the GURU money and not necessarily me. I have gone without sleep, I have let relationships fail, and I have let my credit line be destroyed all in the name of becoming successful online.

I have been there; I know what it is to be a struggling online.

The Decision

I could either keep floundering like a fish out of water, struggle to feed myself, and basically be miserable. Or I could learn from others that have already achieved success and take the appropriate actions to achieve it for myself.

Still things did not work out, Why not? I was devouring the information. I was taking action, once again was doing what I was told. Then it happened. The real shift, the answer,

I stopped buying what they were selling, and I started to watch and learn from how they were selling it. A clear picture of the true business model emerged. And I started to be able to make some real progress. I stopped reading their emails for what the product was, and started to read them for how they were crafted. I stopped going to their sites for information, and started to dissect sites for how they presented the information.

I stopped listening to their products telling me how to become successful, and started modeling myself after success. Don’t get me wrong, their information products hold some very valuable lessons to my success. They also have definitely shortened the learning curve.

Once I started truly modeling myself after those who already were successful, an amazing thing happened; I began to enjoy some real success.

My Vision for the future

“You Can Only Get What You Want, If You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want”

By Zig Ziglar

I believe in a no hype community of like minded online professionals helping each other to continued success, while having fun, and living a life of true freedom. This is not only possible, but with today’s technology very achievable.

I have created this site to help you achieve your dreams, to pass on all that I have learned but mostly, I have created this site to learn from you, with your help, we together will be able to help a whole new generation of people achieve the life of their dreams.

Signing up to this site is free, and you can cancel at any time. What do you have to lose? if you are not already a member of this site, fill out the form.

To your success

Michael  Rockwell