Aweber – Split Testing Forms


The only way to know which format is truly most effective for your forms is to perform a split test. What this does is allows you to test different options and see which ones get a better response from those who see your opt-in. You may want to test different headlines, different templates, or different colors even. This guide is going to show you how to create a split test so you can find out which form options are most effective for your target audience. What works for one niche is quite often not what works for another one.


Step 1: Login to Aweber website

The first thing you need to do is login to your Aweber account.


Step 2: Ensure you have two forms ready to go.


Before you can create a split test, you need to have two forms already in the system. To verify that your two forms are ready to go, you can click on “Web Forms” to see what forms are already in the system.



You should now see a list of the forms in your account.



Notice we have created two forms for this guide.

The simple version does not use a template and does not ask for the Anniversary field. The header is also different from the Advanced version.

The simple form looks like this:

The advanced version does use a template and it asks for the Anniversary field. The header is “Please join our list” rather than “Download Your Free Report Immediately”.

The advanced version looks like this:




Step 3: Create your Split Test.


Now that we know we have two forms ready to go for our split test, it’s time to create it.


From the Web Forms page, click on “Create A New Split Test”. You will not see this option if you don’t have at least two web forms.


Complete the “Split Test Name” and assign a percentage to each form. The percentage is for how often you want each form displayed i.e. 50/50, 80/20 etc. and the total of all forms must add up to 100%. If a form is listed that you do not want included in the split test, assign it a value of 0%.



Click on “Save Split Test”.



Your Web Forms page now lists the Split Test below the listing of Web Forms.



Step 4: Add the Split Test to your website.


Click on Get HTML to acquire the code for your split test.



Copy the code from the popup window.



Add this code to your website and the two forms will now display according to your settings. In this case, each form will be displayed 50/50. Wait long enough for your stats to be meaningful and then evaluate them to determine which form is most effective.

Michael Rockwell