Aweber – Use and Customize Blog Broadcast Feature


As blog owners, we are competing with so many other sites for the attention of our readers. And they are busy people. They simply don’t have the time to visit every day, even if they want to. Using the Blog Broadcast feature in Aweber allows you to send your readers an email when you’ve posted to your blog. Many people don’t know about or understand RSS feeds. The Blog Broadcast feature makes it simple for your readers to get your fresh content via email.


Step 1: Login to Aweber website

The first thing you need to do is login to your Aweber account.



Step 2: Create a Blog Broadcast


Navigate to the Blog Broadcast section of Aweber by hovering your mouse over “Messages” then clicking on “Blog Broadcast”.



Now, you will need to click on “Create A New Blog Broadcast”.



Enter the URL to your RSS feed and the Subject for your Blog Broadcast message.


Scroll down and type your message in the “Plain Text Message” section. Be sure to stay within the recommended width.




Choose the appropriate answer for the remaining options.



As expected, the “Send Time” dropdown box allows you to choose a time.



As you click various options, you’ll see what choices you have. For example, you could send your blog broadcast when there are at least 5 blog posts OR on every Monday.


When you are done, click on “Save Broadcast”. If you wish to preview the broadcast first, you can click on Preview before saving.


Michael Rockwell