*Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

How many times have you unsubscribed from an email list? How many emails do you get every day that you just don’t read? The web is full of bad email marketing. In fact, it’s almost rare to see email marketing that’s truly impressive.

When done right, email marketing can help you build a relationship with your clients, create trust, make repeat sales and build a powerful following. Unfortunately, marketers often make many mistakes that end up costing them dearly.

These are ten of the most common email marketing mistakes people make. These mistakes can sow distrust, stop people from reading and damage both your brand and your sales.

* Aweber – Split Testing Forms*

Aweber – Split Testing Forms  The only way to know which format is truly most effective for your forms is to perform a split test. What this does is allows you to test different options and see which ones get a better response from those who see your opt-in. You may...

*Email Marketing Basics*

E-mail-list-building Email Marketing Basic's “Cheat Sheet”             Learn the FACTS and BENEFITS of Leveraging Email Marketing in Your Business! Email Marketing FACTS & BENEFITS:   According to an Econsultancy survey done in early 2011, 72% of respondents answered...