TwitVid is an innovative web application that allows you to upload videos from your computer or iPhone right onto Twitter or Facebook. It’ll compress the video for you, as well as create a URL for you. In other words, it’s an easy to use all-in-one process.

Here’s how to use TwitVid.

Step 1: Click the Upload Button


Click the big blue button on the right hand side of the TwitVid website. (

Step 2: Select Which Site to Upload To


Do you want to use TwitVid with Twitter or Facebook? For the purposes of this guide, we’ll do the demo with Twitter.

Step 3: Authenticate the Link

Give TwitVid permission to post videos to your Twitter or Facebook by filling in your login details.

Once the authentication is complete, your TwitVid and Twitter/Facebook account(s) will be linked.

Step 4: Choose to Upload or Record

Do you want to upload an existing video or shoot a new one? Select one option.

Step 5: Selecting a File or Recording a Video

If you click the “Choose Video” option, you’ll be taken to a file selection box. Select the video file you want to record and hit “Open” to continue.

If you chose the webcam option, first click “Allow” to let TwitVid use your webcam, then click the record button in the lower left to begin recording.

Step 6: Add a Message


What Tweet or status update do you want to go with your video?

Once you’re finished, click “Upload” and you’re done!

It’s that easy to use TwitVid to upload or record files from your computer. But what about from an iPhone?

Step 7: Log Into TwitVid (iPhone)

Note: This is all done in the TwitVid application, which can be downloaded in the App Store.

First, select which site you want to use TwitVid with.

Then enter your username and password.

Step 8: Choose New or Existing Video

You can either upload a video from your library, or shoot a brand new video. Select which option to use.

If you choose to take a new video, you’ll be taken to the camera screen where you can do your recording.

If you choose to upload an existing video, you’ll be taken to your library.

Select the video you want to continue.

Step 9: Add a Tweet or Update


Add a Tweet or status update to go with your video.

Then hit send!

It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free to use TwitVid to send videos to Twitter or Facebook. You don’t have to worry about compression or setting up links yourself, it’s all done on your behalf. It works just as well from both your computer and your smartphone.


Michael Rockwell