Upload Video to YouTube


YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing website on the internet. In addition to hosting all your videos for free, getting your videos on YouTube can help you get in front of a lot of new viewers.

Here’s how to upload a video to YouTube, as well as how to setup a channel.

Step 1: Click Upload


Click on “Upload” in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Click Upload Video


In the box that pops up, click “Upload Video.”

Step 3: Select File to Upload


Choose which file you want to upload.

Once YouTube begins the upload, you’ll see a status box like this:

Step 4: Enter Video Details


Enter the title, description, tags, category and privacy settings for your video. This can be done while the video is uploading. Once you’re finished, just wait for the video to upload and the settings will be automatically saved.

That’s it! Once your video is finished uploading, give YouTube a few hours to compress and parse your video.

Once you have your video(s) uploaded, the next step is to create a channel.

Step 5: Click Channels


Channels allow your users to view all your videos in an organized manner. It’s like your “homepage” that resides on YouTube.

To access the Channels interface, first on the dropdown box in the upper right corner. Then click on “Channel.”

Step 6: Set Your Basic Settings


Set the title (headline) of your channel. Select from one of the many different channel types, which will change the basic layout of how your channel will look.

Finally, check whether or not you want your channel visible. Generally, it’s best to keep your channel invisible until you’re ready to launch. So edit in “invisible mode” and make your channel visible once everything’s properly setup.



Step 7: Set Your Color Settings


Click “Themes and Colors” along the top.

You’ll see a range of different color schemes and layout options to choose from. Try a few of them on to see how it looks on your channel, then choose the one you ultimately want to use.

Step 8: Select Your Modules


Modules are basically different panels that you can enable or disable on your channel. For example, you can choose whether or not other users can comment on your channel by checking or unchecking the “Comments” module.

To select your modules, first navigate to the “Modules” tab. Then check or uncheck each module accordingly. It’s a good idea to try checking and unchecking various modules to see how it affects the look, feel and functionality of your channel.

Step 9: Choose Which Videos to Display


Which videos should appear in your channel? Should it just be your videos, or other videos that you want to add in as well? Which video should be the main video and should that video play automatically?

These can all be set in the “Videos and Playlists” tab.

You can select which videos you want to display by checking and unchecking which videos to display. If you want to add a custom set of videos, just create a new playlist and add that playlist to your display.


Congratulations! You now know how to upload a video to your YouTube account, as well as how to setup your own channel so users can easily navigate through all your videos.


Michael Rockwell