Delicious was one of the first social bookmarking websites to hit the internet. When it first started, its function was quite literally “social bookmarking.”

People bookmarked their websites using delicious and those bookmarks could be shared with friends. People could find other bookmarks that they liked through seeing what sites people they knew bookmarked.

Today, delicious has evolved into using a system that they call “stacks.” They describe it as playlists for the web.

A stack is a collection of links all related to a specific topic. Unlike regular bookmarks, delicious will take these links and extrapolate data from them, such as an image to use as a thumbnail and any video content.

Here’s how to use delicious to find and share links.

Browsing Stacks


To browse a popular stack, select one from the many “Featured Stacks” on delicious’s front page.

You can also search for stacks on specific topics by typing a keyword into the search box.

You can also browse links rather than stacks by clicking on “Featured Links.”

Follow or Share a Stack


If you find a stack that you find particularly interesting, you can follow it. Do so by clicking on “Follow” once you’re in the stack.

You can also share the stack by clicking “Share Stack.” You can share a stack with someone by their delicious username or by their email address.

Share or Save a Link


Much like you can share a stack, you can also share a link. Just click “Share” above any specific link.

To save the link for later viewing, click “Save.”

Navigating a Stack


Once you’re in a stack, you can change the way you view the links by clicking one of the four view options.

The media view is great for stacks with a lot of video and multimedia. Grid view is more visually appealing, while list view is more bare bones. Full view will give you more information than other views for each link.

Create a Stack


To create a stack, click “Create a Stack” on the home page.

Give your new stack a title. It should be short but informative and give enough information to lure people into clicking on it.

Give your stack an introduction. Tell people what your stack is about and what they can expect from the links.

Add your links. Simply put the URLs in the box and click “Add.” The link will appear below the box. You can keep on adding URLs without leaving the page. Add at least three.

Once you’re finished with all the stack details, click “Preview” to see what your future stack will look like.

Then choose a graphical icon to represent your stack. This is what other people will see when they’re deciding whether or not to click on your stack. It’s like your stack’s avatar.

Finally, once your stack is ready to go, click “Publish Stack.”

You’ve now learned how to browse featured stacks and links, how to search for stacks, how to find stacks using the search features, how to sort stacks in different ways, how to share stacks, how to share links, how to follow stacks, how to save a link that you like and how to create your own stacks.


Michael Rockwell