YouTube has a built-in editor designed to create simple videos in a short period of time. It’s easy to learn and its entire interface is drag-and-drop. In addition, there are a number of copyright-free videos and audios that you can add to your music.

Here’s how to use the YouTube editor.

Step 1: Drag and Drop Your Media


Choose which videos you want to appear in your timeline. Drag them and drop them into their proper place.

At first, Google will just have one video slot open. But once you drag and drop your first video, a new video slot will open. New slots will continue to open as you drag and drop more videos.

Step 2: Adding Creative Commons Video


In addition to your own videos, you can also add Creative Commons videos to your movie. Creative Commons videos are basically videos that have copyright reuse permission granted by their creators.

To access the Creative Commons videos, click on the “CC” symbol in the top navigation.

You’ll see a list of all the Creative Commons videos you can choose from. Click and drag them to your timeline.

Step 3: Adding Music


YouTube also has a number of copyright-free music for you to choose from.

Start by clicking the music button along the top.

Click the “Play” button next to any piece of music to preview it. Use the dropdown menus of “Genre” and “Artist” to find specific pieces.

Once you find the music you want to use, either drag and drop it into the timeline or click the “Plus” button on the right.

Step 4: Adding Transitions


Transitions make switching from one clip to another smoother or more fun.

Start by clicking the “Transitions” button along the top.

The images over the transition name will give you an idea of what the transitions will look like. Select the one you want to use and drag and drop it between two video clips. The transition will then play in the switchover between the two clips.

Step 5: Publish


Once you have your videos and music set, click on “Publish” to have YouTube render your video.

It’ll take YouTube a few hours to have your video processed. Once it is, it’ll show up in your videos just like any other video you uploaded.

It’s that easy to use YouTube to put together your own clips, add other clips, add music, add transitions and create a video.

Michael Rockwell