How to Use YouTube’s Video Editor

If you don’t want to learn or pay for an expensive video editing program, you can do quite a bit of editing with YouTube’s built in editor. While it doesn’t have fancy effects or advanced video editing features, you can easily paste together different clips of video, add in sound tracks and create an elegant video file all without having to learn any video editing skills.

Here’s how to use YouTube’s video editor.

Step 1: Accessing the Video Editor


Click “Videos” in the drop down box in the upper right corner.

Then click “Video Editor” along the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Adding Videos


Upon entering the video editor, you’ll first see a screen with all your existing videos in them.

Just drag and drop any video clips you want to use in your video onto the video clip.

Step 3: Adding Creative Commons Videos


If you want to use copyright free videos, click on the “cc” button to access YouTube’s wide range of Creative Commons videos. Drag and drop these into your timeline.

Step 4: Adding Music


To add music, first click the music symbol along the top. Hover your mouse over any track and click the “Play” button to preview the track. When you find a track you want to add to your video, just click the “+” symbol next to the track.

You can also sort the music by genre or artist.

You can even search by specific artist name or by typing in a name of a song to see if YouTube has it available.

Once you’ve added a track to your video, it’ll be displayed under the video timeline.

Step 5: Transitions


Transitions are things like fade ins and fade outs that make it so one scene smoothly transitions to the next, rather than having a chopping cut from one scene to another.

Access transitions by clicking the “><” symbol along the top.

Drag and drop these transitions between video clips.

Step 6: Preview and Publish


Once all your clips, music and transitions are in place, it’s time to see how the final clip looks.

Click the “Play” button on the video screen in the upper right corner to see how your video will look.

If everything is in order, then just click the “Publish” button to save your video.

Congratulations! You’ve just learned how to add your own clips to the YouTube editor, add creative common video clips, search for and add music, add transitions, preview your edits and save your video.


Michael Rockwell