Digg is a social bookmarking website that relies on users to vote for the best news stories. Unlike Reddit, Digg’s orientation tends to be much more news-based. Users tend to like finding out things that they didn’t know before.

All of Digg’s posts link to outside websites, unlike Reddit’s where a good portion comes from simple text posts on the site.

Here’s how to use Digg.

Digging and Burying


If you like a post, click “Digg” to vote for it. If you dislike a post, click “bury.”

Hot Stories


On the right sidebar, you have the “How News from Digg,” which are news stories chosen by the Digg staff.

Choosing a Category


By default, Digg is set to “All Topics.” That means you’re viewing the aggregate of Digg, including all other categories.

To see posts from only a specific category, click the category on the front page.

Recency and Story Type


Choose over what time period you want to see stories for. The longer the time period, the higher the quality, since the best stories of the year are going to be the best stories of the month.

Make your selection by hovering over the time box below the category navigation bar.

Then choose if you want to see everything, just videos, just images or just text.

Once you’ve made your selection, Digg will display a fresh list of stories based on what you chose.

Following Diggers


If you find that particular diggers are posting stories that you like, you can follow them to see more of their material in the future.

To do so, start by clicking their username to access their profile.

Click “Follow” to start following them.

To see a custom news feed built from stories by people you’re following, click “My News.”

Submitting a Link


To submit a link, click “Submit a Link” near the Digg icon.

Create an account when prompted.

Then enter the link you want to post.

Then enter a title, description and category for the post.

Click “Digg It” and your post will be submitted to Digg.

Those are the most important features of Digg. You’ve learned how to browse different categories, browse different timeframes, see news picked by Digg staff, how to create your own news feed by following diggers and how to post your own Digg stories.


Michael Rockwell