Grow Your List and Sell Your Products with Content that Coverts

You know that content is the foundation of your business. You use it to drive traffic. You use content to engage your audience and to learn about their wants, needs, and goals. Content is used to build a brand, to establish authority and a number of other goals. One of the primary goals for your content is to convert. You convert prospects to leads and leads to customers. This report focuses on 9 tactics to help you do just that. Let’s get started.

Emotions Sell

The next time you buy something, anything, think about why you’re buying it. Researchers and skilled marketers know why you’re buying it. They know that we buy for emotional reasons. We buy because we want to feel something or stop feeling something. For example, if you buy a pack of gum you might want to feel confident that your breath is fresh. Or you may want to stop feeling stresses and chewing gum alleviates stress.

As a business owner, you can leverage the emotions of your prospects and leads to grow your list and sell products. You know your prospects and customers better than anyone. You know the problems they’re facing, the solution that your products and information provide.

For example, a personal coach might understand that one of the primary emotions their audience faces is frustration from not being able to reach goals or dissatisfaction from an unfulfilling career. Conversely, those very same prospects may be seeking to feel happy, content, or fulfilled. There are both positive and negative emotions to consider. It’s not only your job to identify those emotions but to integrate them into your content.

In fact, emotions can and should be integrated into content throughout your sales funnel – from lead generation and list building to converting those leads to paying customers and then increasing sales and repeat purchases.

How to Identify Your Audience’s Emotions

Take a look at your audience at every level of interaction with your company. For example, why do they contact you? What challenge are they facing or dealing with when they start searching for information or solutions online? A business owner might start researching for administrative help when they begin to feel overwhelmed by the time it’s taking to run their business or ready to take their business to the next level.

A Virtual Assistant can tap into that emotion by providing an opt-in report that shows overwhelmed business owners how to get more done with a virtual assistant or shows motivated business owners how a virtual assistant can help them take their business to the next level. The opt-in offer taps into the emotions the prospect is feeling and provides a solution. Overwhelm is replaced by hope with one simple opt-in report.

Once your prospect is on your list and they’re a lead, you can then focus on the next emotions they’re experiencing. What’s their problem or challenge now? Email content can then focus on tapping into those emotions and converting the lead to a customer. Take a look at your sales funnel and identify the positive and negative emotions that your prospects and leads may be experiencing. Start integrating those emotions into your content and watch your conversion rate increase. Next, we’ll look at long content and why that can help boost your conversions.


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