Setting Up Your YouTube Channel and Customizing It


Your YouTube channel is a bit like a TV channel. You have all your uploaded videos in one place, and people can “surf” your channel and look through all the videos you’ve uploaded in the order of your choice. You can also throw in other people’s videos in the mix.

You can customize quite a bit about how your channel looks and operates. Here’s how to setup your channel and customize it.

Step 1: Accessing Your Channel


To access your channel, click the little dropdown arrow next to your name in the upper right corner of your screen.

A menu will appear. Click on “Channel.”

The controls for your channel will be laid out along the top. A preview of what your channel looks like will be directly below it.

Step 2: Choosing What Videos Will Appear

While everything else in your channel setup is important, none are as important as this setting. After all, people come to your channel to look at your videos – Everything else is auxiliary.

To choose what videos appear on your front page, go to “Videos and Playlists” in your top navigation menu.

On the left, you can choose what kind of content appears in your channel. You can choose to display just your own videos, your favorite videos and / or your playlist videos as well.

On the right, you can choose the layout type, the main video, what content set is featured and whether or not the video starts playing automatically when someone lands on your channel.

Step 3: Select Your Modules


Your modules are basically the different “components” that make up your channel. For example, if you wanted to put a comment box on your channel, that’d be a module. Modules make it easy to customize the functionality of your channel.

To access your modules panel, click on “Modules” in the top navigation bar.

Check and uncheck the boxes to choose which modules to display. Save your changes and take a look at your channel to see exactly how your channel looks with different modules.

Step 4: Choosing Themes and Colors


Your themes and your colors are what will decide what your channel looks like. Try to use a theme that goes well with your brand’s colors or has the emotional connotations of your brand.

Note: If you’ve seen people using background images in their channels, you might be wondering how that’s done. Unfortunately, for most users, you can only customize your colors. Background customization is currently restricted only to YouTube Partners, publishers with enough volume to have direct advertising deals with YouTube.

To change your themes and colors, click “Themes and Colors” along the top. Click one of the themes and save your changes to see how it looks.

Step 5: Advanced Themes and Colors


Want to do more than just use a pre-set theme? You can.

Start by clicking on “Show Advanced Options.”

Then setup your theme exactly the way you want it.

Step 6: Channel Settings


Your channel settings are where you can set your channel’s tags, your channel’s title, whether or not it’s searchable, the type of channel you run (YouTuber, musician, etc) and a few more settings.

Click on “Settings” to access this menu.

Step 7: Post Bulletin


Have a message for your followers that isn’t in video form? You can post it as a bulletin.

Just click “Post Bulletin” along the top to send your subscribers a message.

You’ve now learned how to setup a YouTube channel, including how to choose what videos appear in your channel, what modules are in your channel, how your channel looks and your various settings.


Michael Rockwell