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You may feel that talking about the benefits of video marketing is talking about a “given” – we all know that adding any extra medium to get your message out is good. Right?


However, it’s not until we take a look at the specifics of video marketing that it becomes imperative to seriously consider its presence in your business plan for 2012 and beyond – especially when you consider that Google sites (which now include YouTube) passed the 10-billion view mark in August, 2009.


There are several areas in which you can benefit from video marketing:

  1. Viral Marketing – creating and promoting viral videos is the most compelling reason to create videos by miles. And, when targeted to the right customer, that’s exactly what they can do!
  2. Comment Backlinks – leaving focused comments on related video makers’ YouTube Accounts is a crucial way to increasing your own status and views.
  3. Boost your Messages – increase the power of your blog or sales messages with a short video, so that those who won’t read through a long post or sales letter can have the choice of checking out what you have to say on video.
  4. Creating Tutorials – Short “how to” demonstrations can provide a powerful way of attracting grateful new subscribers.
  5. Video Review – Creating video reviews is yet another powerful way to take advantage of the review trend in affiliate marketing
  6. Repurposing Content – Video provides a way to get far more mileage out of old reports or blog posts, by reformatting the content into a video, attracting a new market segment (and arguably a wider one)
  7. Interviews – Video interviews between you and another expert are a proven way to create a strong expert status

That being said, video marketing is not a substitute for all your other forms of marketing – rather, think of it as a way of putting your other marketing in multi-channel stereo.

Why Is Video so Appealing?

Instant sensory involvement – It all boils down to the fact that it’s much easier to watch a video than read a book. Your brain’s neurotransmitters fire differently when you view rather than read: They work a lot harder when reading – and the emotional areas of the brain show greater response with visual stimulation.

As David E. Tupper and Keith D. Cicerone state in their book “The Neuropsychology of Everyday Life: Issues in Development and Rehabilitation“, “…different kinds of content have different cognitive demands… Whereas reading involved a series of successive efforts to attend (demanded voluntary attention), TV viewing involved little or no voluntary effort.”


Video can repel visitors almost instantly, if the wrong triggers are present or format is used: However, if you think of this as “pre-qualifying” your video, it can make sure that the traffic to your site is targeted, resulting in greater conversions.

Also, the competition is formidable, when you consider that 10-billion view mark quoted in the first paragraph of this report – but it doesn’t have to be a disadvantage, if you do your research properly, target your niche and utilize the many strategies others have proven to be so effective.

Other Advantages

There are advantages to video marketing other than types of content you can create or functions you can perform. These benefits are built-in – but it’s only when we stop and examine them that we realize just how powerful they can be!

SEO Boosting – While it’s true that the content of your actual video itself isn’t (yet) searchable, videos now rank highly since Google added them to its universal search parameters allowed. If you take a look at your typical search results, you’ll notice that videos often hold the top front page positions

No “Duplicate Content” to Worry About – Since the content of your video is not searchable; you are freed from the burden of worrying about “duplicate content” knocking you down in the Search Engines.

Easy to Create – You can create video for your mini-site, YouTube or blog in less than an afternoon, using screen capture software such as Camtasia – or nothing more than your personal digital camera and Windows Movie Makers (the software that comes as a standard part of most PC’s).

Easy on Any Budget – You can go as “low tech” as you like. Slick production values don’t always mean the most popular video – as YouTube has demonstrated, time and again. Cost-wise, it can be only slightly more (the cost of a digital camera you probably already have) than creating an ebook (often less!) – And it can also be ten times faster to create!

Utilizes more than one Sense – Not only are you engaging your viewer on a visual level, you are engaging his hearing too. Engaging more than one sense creates a much stronger impression and bond – especially emotionally!

Web 2.0 Friendly – It’s far easier to create a video that can be instantly (and correctly) viewed on someone’s Blackberry or iPod than a website. The latter has to be optimized for Web 2.0 in order to display properly – which either means hiring a web designer – or struggling with the latest CSS and XHTML yourself.

Increases your Web Status – Watching someone teach you about something you desperately needed to know – something you “searched”, finding the exact tutorial you needed – creates not only an “expert” status, but brands you as the person who provided what the searcher needed. (And he didn’t have to read a word!)

Makes you more Memorable – Can you imagine reading a long list of reports, one of which was created by someone called Steve Smith? One week later, you won’t have a clue who Steve Smith was – particularly if you’re getting him confused with Steve Simpson, Steve Webster and Simon Smith, all of whom are in your orbit.

However, if you saw Steve Smith’s face a few times, during the 5 minutes as he taught you those 7 steps to creating a simple 3D animation on his video, you’re much more likely to remember exactly who he was – and in what context you “know” him. This is huge, when it comes to creating trust and loyalty.

Increase your Brand Power – Creating videos embedded with your logo on your own channel – or creating a consistent and repetitive series – is a strong way to help “brand” your product (or you yourself!)

Provides a Stronger Message – One of the worst parts of the web lies in the lack of non-verbal “clues”, and the inability to see body language, when you’re communicating with someone. Video eliminates this problem instantly, making the viewers interepretation of your message much more acurate.

Video can Speak for You – If you have a video on your website or blog (or even just a link to your YouTube video – the quickest way to get a video on the web) your video can be making a personal connection with potential clients and customers even while you’re away from the computer, busy getting your car fixed or getting your income tax receipts together. In fact, your video can be representing you 24 hours a day.

Reach a New Generation of Viewers – Every generation seems to become more techno savvy: Check with those around you under 25, and you’ll find they will rush to their mobiles or YouTube before they’ll bother checking out a website. And this trend is growing daily, at a staggering rate. It makes sense not to keep burying your head in the sand, but instead, to “join them”.

Widen your Market Base…While Still Keeping it Targeted – By uploading your video to a video sharing site such as YouTube, you are instantly reaching a much wider audience – yet the way you can categorize your videos and target your YouTube “channel” and account still ensures you reach mostly only those viewers who are searching for your exact subject. When you consider that YouTube has a current Alexa rank of 4th in the world (as well as in the U.S.), with 669,679 sites linking in, the advantages become obvious.

According to British-basked Beechwood Communications, video views on the web are not measured in millions, but billions… and 100 million videos a day are watched on YouTube. The video industry is growing, with YouTube accounting for almost 50% of this statistic.

Videos are Environmentally Friendly – your subscribers won’t have to print out an ebook, when you can demonstrate a product or technique in a few minutes, compared to the 27 pages they might have needed to print out, if you had relied on written instructions.

9 Powerful Ways To Use Video

You are really limited only by your imagination, when you decide to add video to your marketing mix, but there are some more tried-and-true ways you can put this medium to use in your marketing.

  • Demonstrate your Products – It’s a well-known fact that showing someone how to do something is always more effective than trying to describe it without the interested party being able to see what the product looks like. This is especially true for online systems, where it’s no use saying something like: “Enter your data into the blue box 3 columns down and over, in between “Tracking Metrics” and “Monthly Visits”… when you can instantly show the viewer the actual page, with you clicking the exact box. (And this leaves your viewer with a much stronger impression of your products ease of use.)
  • Get the word out quickly – Want to say something really important? Make a (short) video and create buzz about it on your social networking sites, as well as forums you frequent.
  • Training – Video has to be one of the easiest on-line training methods going… and offline too. You can make your videos available for download – and sell them as a paid product!
  • Customer Support – you can create quick videos to address Customer Support issues – particularly when you are selling a product where writing about a problem is less effective than showing the person questioning you. You can have links to these videos available in your FAQ or Support section on demand, so that customers can get instant access to solutions even while you’re asleep.

    (This is especially beneficial if the types of questions you get are repetitive.)

  • Positioning – You can strengthen your market position by dominating this hugely popular area of online growth. It’s a resource people are turning to before any other online resource.
  • Provide a Resource Library – Your videos can constitute a strong resource library for your subscribers. In fact, if you are consistent, create a series rather than random videos and brand your videos strongly, people will get used to going to you first, to find information about your niche topic!
  • Zero in on Specific Issues – Videos allow viewers to get information on just a specific segment, rather than having to hunt through an entire eBook or website to find information they need. One side effect of this – it makes you seem like a highly focused expert, which helps you to be a memorable resource
  • Generate “Buzz” – Think of your own friends: They’re probably much more likely to send you a link to a video than a long email. Creating videos allows the “buzz” to happen more virally (and you can help it along yourself, through your social networking).
  • Increase Recommendations for You – People value videos that bring them strong benefits – and your viewers receive the sort of gratitude you do, and a status increase themselves, if they recommend especially helpful ones (like yours) to friends or fellow niche topic enthusiasts. Make it easy for them by making sure your video has all the best qualities of true viral videos.

Blog posts are great, and podcasts are even better because of the personal connection made by your subscribers or web site visitors actually hearing your voice – but why have only one single media working for you, when in video you can utilize more than one sense (visual and auditory)?

If you’ve been hedging about creating videos, putting it off, or telling yourself it doesn’t really matter, make a resolution that you’ll get with the times.

Add videos to your marketing methods – and enjoy the results!

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