WHO Is Michael Rockwell?

Hi Ya,

I am writing this for one reason Only, What is it? Quite simple: The only emails I like to get are from people I know, like and Trust, People I feel I have a connection with, people I feel I have a relationship with. There is nothing worse than a total stranger sending me email for things I don’t want didn’t ask for, or I can tell is a straight up scam.


Information alone wont help you succeed, working hard alone wont help you succeed. The new fangled software, the method of the day, the new guru’s plans, none of these things alone will help you to succeed in online marketing.

As far as getting information, you need to get that information from a reliable source, from someone who is actually doing it.


From Someone You can Trust


One thing I found out is: that when I subscribed to someones list. I would fairly quickly unsubscribe. Most of the time because they would send me a pitch for this, a pitch for that,and never provide any true value. I would open up my email and find 50 to 100 pitches every day from a bunch of names I didn’t know, couldn’t remember and simply didn’t trust. Only the rare few, would actually send good honest information that had value, only the rare few could really get me excited enough to click their links and really take and interest in getting to know them better.

The Rare few would get me wondering. Who is this person? What do they stand for? Why are they in internet marketing, what can they teach me?


With this in mind I would like to share a bit about myself, this way I won’t become just another name in your Inbox, I am doing this because I really feel that I have some great stuff to share, some great strategies that can be very beneficial to you. I am doing this because it’s not only what I can teach you, it’s also what I can learn from you, and what we can do if we work together.

I am going to do everything I can to get you to learn from my triumphs as well as my mistakes,  and even more importantly I am going to do everything I can to get you to…..


Take Action

I got into working online in 98; I was working as a bartender/ waiter, and also doing freelance website design for some of the local business’s here In Anchorage, Alaska.

I got a big break in 2000 when a man I use to bar tend on wanted to see some of my completed web designs, I didn’t know it at the time but he was a the Alaska District Manager for the Yellow Pages and worked in conjunction with our local phone company.

About 2 weeks later he came into the restaurant where I worked, had dinner at my bar, and towards desert, offered me a job, The Job entailed working with 2 other web designers, and creating a web design department for the yellow page customers. I would be a given a Great salary, Paid vacation time, Medical, Dental, and Bonuses for work done.

I thought this was going to be “AWESOME” I thought how cool, I could work during the day, I get to go to work and play with Web Design, Photoshop, and get paid consistently for my work.

Then the truth set in: The Company was a night mare to work with, they were charging monthly prices that were ridiculously high, they were Limiting what we the designers could do, Only 3 pages allowed, only 1 picture per page, only 500 words per page max, and nothing else. They were also charging the business for buying the domain name.  and making sure to register those domain names to themselves, If a company called to complain about it, they would just say, you have to pay it until the contract runs out, or the alternative, we just shut off your business phone number.


I just couldn’t do it, I left the company, they told me, that if I tried to do any freelance work for 2 years, they would sue me and shut me down. They had the Lawyers and the man power to do so.

I told them, that they could burn, and that I would be focusing my efforts on the very same customers they were after only I was going to do it correctly.


The Big Ahh Haa

I was out there wrestling up customers, and I kept my freelance up to about 4 or 5 jobs a month, not a lot, but enough to have a little extra in the pocket, and take my girlfriend out to a nice dinner every once in a while. Then it really hit me, and Hit me hard. What good am I doing by creating websites, websites need traffic, and a website with traffic is no good unless you can some how turn that traffic into a customer. I became a man obsessed with figuring this out.

I started studying SEO, Article Marketing, Copywriting, Content Creation, Affiliate Marketing, video and all the software that comes with it. I began following all the big Gurus that came out and said here I am and you to can be just like me for just this much money. Then something really awesome happened. I met one really cool honest person in internet Marketing. She really seemed to care, she became a friend, and she taught me my first real lesson.



What on earth does that mean?

(HM) Hungry Market

(LB) List Building

(T) Traffic

(R) Relationship


Basically it boils down to this: create a relationship with those who are in your market, show them you care and are willing to help them solve there problems. You in turn will create an email list of Hungry buyers, and have no choice but to become successful online. And Guess what once you have this list, Traffic almost takes care of itself.

No Seo, No Article Marketing, No newest fad of the week, No paying the Gurus huge fortunes.

Your Job as a marketer is simple: you are here to provide solutions to the people in your market.


My Job is simple, I am here to provide you with solutions and together we can take our business to the next level and finally achieve the freedom we desire.


Michael Rockwell